As Managing Director, Vincent is responsible for investor relations and sourcing capital for Insight’s residential and commercial projects. Through Marwood Assets Management, his wholly-owned asset and management firm, Vincent Woo has successfully completed real estate transactions totaling over $120 million, with a primary focused San Jose and the greater Silicon Valley. Vincent began his career as a successful technology entrepreneur, founding a variety of successful companies over the past two decades. These successes allowed him to parlay his ability to quickly scale businesses and investments to their full potential into a proven track record of real estate development and investing, and capital management. Focusing mainly on institutional-quality assets in the Western and Southwestern U.S., Vincent is proud to partner with some the best capital partners and service providers in the industry.

Prior to entering real estate, Mr. Woo was the Founder and President of Fast Repair LLC, a technology company established in 2002 in the South Bay, which serves the greater Bay Area. Fast Repair currently has multiple locations, positioned just around the corner from some of the most prestigious major tech and web companies, such as Apple and Google, which keeps the company up-to-date with the latest technological trends.